What is Movement






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Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined and supportive. We are here to help you on your Physical & Mental journey and we’ve got exactly what you need.



$120 -  2x a week
$150 - Monthly Unlimited

Drop-in Classes

$20   - Single Class
$150 - 10 Class Package



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Personal Training 

Single                $80

6 pack              $450

12 pack            $840

24 pack          $1560








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New Apparel is Here!

Hoodies, tshirts, tanks, beanies, bags & More...

What our members are saying..

"Great place and great variety of classes. From a technical standpoint the instruction was hands down the best and most insightful I have ever seen. The breakdown of how and why stuff is done is not only beneficial to learn but also to how it applies to the movement. From someone who has multiple injuries from playing sports my whole life that is crucial for me."     - Ryan M. 

"I literally waited 30 years to find the right trainer.
Doubt anybody can match his knowledge of both the human body and the proper techniques to get desired results. He knows exactly what I need and when I need it - its uncanny. He has become an important, integral part of my life. I trust him and his tailor-made advice. I have learned much and am thankful and appreciative. Its important to note that Jaime is "vested" in his clients and frequently goes above and beyond for them. I am truly impressed and I'm NOT EASILY IMPRESSED."   -Andrew W. 

 "It will be three years since my husband and I started training at What is Movement.  Jamie's, knowledge and passion for training is second to none. He will motivate you and make every training session challenging, rewarding and takes the time to be sure that your technique is always correct. He has helped us with injuries, diet and in achieving our own individual goals. I'm 55 and feel stronger both physically and mentally since coming here and I know fitness will always continue to be a part of my life! If your ready for a change in how you think and feel about movement, come to What Is Movement and see what it's all about!"    -Kathy L.