All Instructors are STRONGFIRST CERTIFIED. This Certification is the GOLD standard for Kettlebells. Trainers attend continuing education and special courses through StrongFirst to gain in depth understanding of modalities: SFG LEVEL 1, SFL & ALL TERRAIN CONDITIONING. 






Jamie Enriquez - June 19, 2015 26.jpg

Jamie Enriquez

Owner/Head Coach


SFG level 1



I have been wrestling since I was 4 yrs old,and played sports my entire life. I served 7 yrs in the U.S Army driving a tank.  I then decided to pursue a path in fitness, and attended American Academy of Personal Training in NYC. I then took a job at Equinox at their flag ship location of Columbus Circle, where I learned about Viprs and Strongfirst....

I love to help empower people to seek out their highest level of mental and physical capabilities. I teach people to change behaviors and make progress. Lastly I want to help get people stronger and become more durable to live a longer and healthier life.